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Gynocomastia - Man Boobs Treatment

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Dr Junaid Ahmad (MBBS FCPS) is the best plastic surgeon in Lahore. He is a well known, trained and expert in his field. He is MBBS and FCPS in Plastic and Recosntructive Surgery. He is a post graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan which is oldest and best institute for post graduation in this area of the world. He is doing his practice in Lahore, Pakistan. He is always kind to the patients and listens them carefully as it is part of modern clinical skill and training. He is expert in both cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery. He is also skin cancer and burn expert. more information

Gynecomastia Male Breasts or commnly known as Man Boobs is a very common problem in Lahore. You can get rid of this by one of these methods or combined...

  • Liposuction Alone
  • Removal of Breast Tissue
  • Excision of Extra Skin
  • Complete list with costs here

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Liposuction of Man Boobs

We provide best liposuction in Lahore. Gynecomastia is removed with liposcution without doing any surgery or without giving general anesthesia. There is hardly any problem in removing them..

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  • Small Male Breasts
  • Early Male Breasts
  • Man Boobs With Fat

Removal of Man Boobs

Gynocomastia are boobs in men. They look embarassing and many men want to get rid of them. We provide man boob removal in Lahore without any surgery with the help of our liposuction canulas. But sometimes they are hard and a little surgery is required.

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  • Large Male Breasts
  • Late Male Breasts
  • Man Boobs With Breast Tissue

Very Large Man Boobs

We do surgery in very huge long standing gynecomastia or man boobs.

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  • Long Standing Gynecomastia
  • Huge Gynecomastia

Video Link

Here is a video showing removal of gynecomastia in Lahore Palstic Surgery.