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Body contouring and fat reduction procedurs can be achieved with or without surgery. Procedures are arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, gastric balloon, mommy makeover, buttocks enhancement, and many more

  • Liposuctions
  • Liposuction of Tummy
  • Liposuction of Limbs
  • Liposuction Arms
  • Liposuction of thighs
  • Liposuction of Double Chin
  • Liposuction of Man Boobs
  • Lipofillings
  • Breast Lipo filling
  • Butts Lipo filling
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Liposuction of Tummy

We provide best liposuction in Lahore. Our cosmetic services includes non invasive fat removal with the help of a pipe from your belly. No incisions and no stitches are usually required in this. It is done in general anesthesia which means patient will sleep during the procedure.

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Liposuction of Man Boobs

Gynocomastia are boobs in men. They look embarassing and many men want to get rid of them. We provide man boob removal in Lahore without any surgery with the help of our liposuction canulas. No need of general anesthesia is required in this procedure.

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Liposuction of Limbs

Fatty arms and fatty thighs are best treated with the help of liposuction. We also provide services of arm lift and thigh lift in Lahore Pakistan.

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Liposuction of Double Chin

Double chin is a very common problem in Lahore Pakistan. We provide services to get rid of double chin with the help of our liposuction canulas.

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Lipo filling of Breast and Buttocks

We also provide services of fat injection into the boobs and buttocks to enhance them. It can be combined with the liposuction procedure. In butts, this procedure is also known as Brazillian Butt lift.

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