Dr Rashid Kamal Physician Infectious Diseases

Dr Rashid Kamal FCPS Physician with sepcial interest in infection and infectious diseases. He is agraduate of Khyber Medical College and has expereinced in working with different hospitals all round th Pakistan. He has done his FCPS in internal Medicine and done his second fellowship in infectious diseases. He is has started his career in Johar town Lahore Pakistan.

  • Infections Prevention
  • Viral Infection
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Fungal Infections
  • Virons
  • Pyrexia of Unkonwn Origin
  • Immuno Compromised Patients
  • Complete list
Dr Rashid Kamal Best physician in Lahore
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Infection Preventions

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Now a days it is difficult to get an opinion from general physician about specific inefectious diseases and preventive measures.

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Viral Infections

He is an expert physician of viral diseases like HIV, Infuenza, Hepatitis B C and others in Lahore Pakistan.

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Immuno Compromised

He is expert in treating immuno compromised patients. He has vast experience dealing with patients on immuno therapies in Lahore Pakistan.

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Bacteria in Lahore
Bacterial and Micro Organisms

He is dealing in bacterial infections, and other microbs even most stubborn infections like TB and other mycobacteria. He is expert of infections with cancers.

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Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are notorious for mal treatment and difficult to get rid of.

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Best Cosmetic Surgery in Lahore

These are some sort of chemicals which behave like alive organsism and can cause infections.

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Best Trauma Surgery in Lahore Pakistan
Traumatic Infections

Best treatment for the trauma, related infections

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Sexually Tranmitted Diseases

STDs are now treatable diseases only if consulted on time and needs specialist opinion.

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Some Common Procedures

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with or without implants
Mommy Make Over
Breast & Tummy Tuc Combined
Brow Elevation
Fillers and Fat
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